PPOSH Over 60 Hockey League 

  All Wednesday games will be at the Plymouth Cultural Center (PCC).
  See our “HOME” page for address and map.



  Home team listed last  
 Date       9:00      10:00      11:00      12:00
9/23/2020  Infinity 3 – RPD 5  Crows Nest 2 – Teal Team 2  Crows Nest 4 – Lovers Lane 1  Bench Pub 4 -Janks L 6
9/30/2020  RPD 4 -Crows Nest 0  Teal Team 2 -Bench Pub 2  PROTESTED  Teal Team 3 -Janks Law 3  PROTESTED Lovers Lane 3 -Infinity 7
10/7/2020 Infinity 2-Teal Team 4  Lovers Lane 5-Janks Law 6 Lovers Lane 4-RPD 7 Crows Nest 2-Bench Pub 1
10/14/2020  Bench P. 4 -Lovers Ln 1     Infinity 2  – Janks Law  2   PROTESTED Infinity 1 -Crows Nest 3  RPD 2 -Teal Team 3
10/21/2020  Janks L. 4-Crows N. 3      RPD 3 -Bench Pub 3   RPD 3-Infinity 5  Teal Team-Lovers Lane POSTPONED
10/28/2020 Crows Nest-Lovers Lane   Bench Pub-Infinity  Bench Pub-Teal Team  Janks Law-RPD
11/4/2020  Lovers Lane-Infinity  Janks Law-Teal Team   Janks Law-Bench Pub  RPD-Crows Nest
11/11/2020  eal Team-RPD   Bench Pub-Crows Nest Infinity-Crows Nest  Lovers Lane-Janks Law
11/18/2020 RPD-Janks Law      Crows Nest-Teal Team  Infinity-Teal Team  Lovers Lane-Bench Pub
11/25/2020  Infinity-Bench Pub  RPD-Lovers Lane Teal Team-Lovers Lane  Crows Nest-Janks Law
12/2/2020 Bench Pub-Teal Team RPD-Infinity Janks Law-Infinity  Crows Nest-Lovers Lane
12/9/2020 Lovers Lane-Infinity  Crows Nest-RPD  Bench Pub-RPD  Janks Law-Teal Team
12/16/2020  Lovers Lane-RPD  Janks Law-Bench Pub  Crows Nest-Bench Pub Teal Team-Infinity
12/23/2020 Teal Team-Crows Nest Lovers Lane-Janks Law RPD-Janks Law Infinity-Bench Pub
12/30/2020 Bench Pub-Lovers Lane  Crows Nest-Infinity Crows Nest-Janks Law  RPD-Teal Team
1/6/2021  Crows Nest-RPD Teal Team-Bench Pub Teal Team-Lovers Lane Janks Law-Infinity
1/13/2021 Janks Law-Teal Team  Lovers Lane-Infinity  Lovers Lane-RPD Bench Pub-Crows Nest
1/20/2020 Infinity-Crows Nest RPD-Janks Law  RPD-Bench Pub Teal Team-Lovers Lane
1/27/2021  Janks Law-Bench Pub Infinity-RPD Infinity-Teal Team Crows Nest-Lovers Lane
2/3/2021 Crows Nest-Janks Law Bench Pub-Lovers Lane  Bench Pub-Infinity Teal Team-RPD
2/10/2021 Crows Nest-Teal Team Janks Law-Infinity Janks Law-Lovers Lane RPD-Bench Pub
2/17/2021 Teal Team-Janks Law  RPD-Crows Nest Bench Pub-Crows Nest Lovers Lane-Infinity
2/24/2021 Janks Law-RPD Bench Pub-Teal Team Infinity-Teal Team Lovers Lane-Crows Nest
3/3/2021 Crows Nest-Infinity Teal Team-Lovers Lane RPD-Lovers Lane Bench Pub-Janks Law
3/10/2021 Infinity-Lovers Lane Bench Pub-RPD Teal Team-RPD Crows Nest-Janks Law
3/17/2021 Lovers Lane-Janks Law RPD-Infinity Bench Pub-Infinity Crows Nest-Teal Team
3/24/2021 RPD-Janks Law Lovers Lane-Bench Pub Crows Nest-Bench Pub Infinity-Teal Team
3/31/2021 Lovers Lane-Crows Nest  Infinity-Janks Law Teal Team-Janks Law RPD-Bench Pub

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