PPOSH Over 60 Hockey League 

  All Wednesday games will be at the Plymouth Cultural Center (PCC).
  See our “HOME” page for address and map.


Home Teams listed second

Spt 1D & G 3 -Free Agents 3Infinity 1-RPD 5Top Gun 2-Lovers Ln 7 Bench Pub 1 -Janks Law 5
Spt 8RPD 3 – Lovers Ln 5 Bench Pub 5 – D & G 1Top Gun 3- Infinity 2Free Agents 1-Janks Law 1
Spt 15Top Gun 5- Bench Pub 2 Lovers Ln 4 – Janks Law 2Free Agents 1- RPD 4Infinity 1- D & G  4
Spt 22D & G -Janks LawFree Agents-Bench Pub Lovers Ln -InfinityRPD-Top Gun
Spt 29Free Agents-InfinityRPD-D & G Top Gun-Janks LawBench Pub -Lovers Ln 
Oct 6Lovers Ln -RPDInfinity-Top GunD & G -Bench Pub Janks Law-Free Agents
Oct 13Bench Pub -InfinityRPD-Janks LawFree Agents-Lovers Ln Top Gun-D & G 
Oct 20Free Agents-Top GunD & G -Lovers Ln Infinity-Janks LawRPD-Bench Pub 
Oct 278th-7th6th-5th4th-3rd2nd-1st
Nov 3RPD-InfinityLovers Ln -Top GunJanks Law-Bench Pub Free Agents-D & G 
Nov 10Bench Pub -Top GunRPD-Free AgentsD & G -InfinityJanks Law-Lovers Ln 
Nov 17Janks Law-D & G Top Gun-RPDBench Pub -Free AgentsInfinity-Lovers Ln 
Nov 24Lovers Ln -Bench Pub Infinity-Free AgentsJanks Law-Top GunD & G -RPD
Dec 1Free Agents-Janks LawBench Pub -D & G RPD-Lovers Ln Top Gun-Infinity
Dec 8Top Gun-D & G Infinity-Bench Pub Janks Law-RPDLovers Ln -Free Agents
Dec 15Janks Law-InfinityTop Gun-Free AgentsLovers Ln -D & G Bench Pub -RPD
 Dec 22Top Gun-Lovers Ln Bench Pub -Janks LawD & G -Free AgentsInfinity-RPD
Dec 291st-2nd3rd-4th5th-6th7th-8th
Jan 5Free Agents-RPDD & G -InfinityTop Gun-Bench Pub Lovers Ln -Janks Law
Jan 12Lovers Ln -InfinityFree Agents-Bench Pub D & G -Janks LawRPD-Top Gun
Jan 19RPD-D & G Top Gun-Janks LawBench Pub -Lovers Ln Free Agents-Infinity
 Jan 26Janks Law-Bench Pub RPD-InfinityFree Agents-D & G Lovers Ln -Top Gun
Feb 2Free Agents-Janks LawLovers Ln -RPDInfinity-Top GunD & G -Bench Pub 
Feb 9Bench Pub -InfinityRPD-Janks LawFree Agents-Lovers Ln Top Gun-D & G 
Feb 16Top Gun-RPDInfinity-Lovers Ln Janks Law-D & G Bench Pub -Free Agents
Feb 23D & G -Lovers Ln Free Agents-Top GunRPD-Bench Pub Infinity-Janks Law
Mar 28th-7th6th-5th4th-3rd2nd-1st